Granite Strategic Investments “Granite” is an Irvine, California based company who is a subsidiary under Granite Investment Group (GIG).

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Gain direct access to purchase loans we acquire from Tier 1 banks, Investment Banks, Hedge-Funds, Servicers, and GSE’s (Government Sponsored Enterprises). We provide due diligence documentation for each loan we sell, at no cost to you. It will include a market valuation we’ve ran within the past 90 days, a preliminary title report, tax verification, credit and collateral documentation, servicing comments, and more. The information we offer is to support sound decision making, so that you may become profitable with the investments you choose. Our hope is you become successful on the purchases you make, so we may continue to assist in the growth of your portfolio. We consistently trade 1st lien Re-Performing and Non-Performing notes nationally in a transparent environment while providing the highest level of customer service and support. Our loan traders sell both one-offs and portfolios, and the platform was built to accommodate all sizes of investors and their needs. Our price points have proven to be fair and equitable for all parties involved. We conduct trades by taking all known facts for each loan into consideration. The known facts we take into account are; location, condition of the home, the current as-is value, local area appreciation/depreciation statistics, is the neighborhood saturated with distressed properties, estimated time remaining until REO, most probable exit strategy based on borrower communication, known delinquent taxes, city and county liens, amongst many other factors. Our pricing fluctuates between portfolio level price points down to retail depending upon the quantity each client acquires at any one given time. Come in and get signed up to see available opportunities.

1) You may choose to purchase the asset and de-board the loan to whichever servicer of your choosing.

2) You may choose to purchase the loan and keep the servicing and loss mitigation efforts in place to avoid disruption of the exit strategy we’ve created. (I.e. Loan Modifications, Reinstatement Proceeds, Trial Payment Plans, Deed-in-Lieu, Foreclosure efforts, REO, Short-Sales, etc.)

We have a fee schedule to manage this process for you, and our team has continually outpaced market returns and market expectations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clientele. Please read below to better understand how to work and transact with GSI:

What’s the objective of Granite Strategic?

Granite Strategic Investments (GSI), primary business objective is to be a market leader in the purchase, management, and liquidation of 1st lien mortgage notes. We provide solutions to the banking sector, private investors, and the borrower community that have been affected by the recent financial downturn in the housing market.

How do I get started?

Per our company policy, each prospective Investor is required to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Due to the sensitive nature of the information being shared, this agreement affirms that no information provided by GSI will be shared with any third parties.

01 Is there a minimum amount of loans that I need to purchase to work with GSI?

No, you can buy 1 loan from us or you can buy 100. The option is yours, but the more loans you acquire at any one time will allow for a greater discount on price that we may offer you.

02 How long do I have to conduct my due diligence and then make the final decision?

Since we include updated and recent due diligence information for each loan we sell, at no cost to you, at times, clients of ours can complete their due diligence inside of 24-48hrs, and fund the deal inside of 72hrs (from start to finish). Others can take up to 7-10 days, and fund within 72hrs from then. It will all depend on your loan count, and volume. The more loans you go after the longer period of due diligence we will allow.

03 How do I get comfortable in buying when I have no experience?

We are a company dedicated to infusing knowledge and education to newer investors looking to get into the note buying market place. We have loans in all 50 states, and we will show you properties in your local markets to get you comfortable, and then begin showing you loans out of state that may have the same property criteria as the loans you purchase in your home state. Most of our clients back in 2010 and 2011 had never purchased a note before, and now years later most of them are buying loans all throughout the country. The comfort will come with time and dealing with us on a consistent basis. In addition, we have access to well known note educators that we will be glad to introduce you too.

04 What kind of licensing do I need to buy notes?

You’ll need to partner with a licensed servicer to buy notes from Granite. We have a good amount of referrals we can offer you if you’re looking to find a compliant and licensed servicer of your choosing. Please inquire to learn more.

05 What type of loans does GSI purchase?

We purchase low-to-moderate income loans/properties. We specialize in purchasing loans with fair market values less than $ 250,000. We understand these borrowers and the attention they need, and we’ve specialized in buying these types of mortgage loans for the last 7 years. Do we purchase notes with higher values, of course, but the majority of the loans we buy and sell are within the low-to-moderate income range.

How to Get Started With GSI

Please click the button below for instructions and materials needed to invest with GSI.

01 Download our Non-Disclosure Agreement

Per our company policy, each prospective Investor is required to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Due to the sensitive nature of the information being shared, this agreement affirms that no information provided by GSI will be shared with any third parties.

02 Download the GSI Vetting Package and Buyers Guide

This document provides us with your company and servicer information. We also want to get to know you better and tailor our offerings to better fit your investment criteria.

03 Download the Guide on How to Work and Invest With GSI

This 8 step guide will help walk you through our trade process from start to finish. What to expect, and how to begin making offers, all the way through sending the wire and receiving the collateral documentation. We look forward in working with you!